Different by nature
Natural mineral water, low in calcium and of weak mineralization. A smooth and pleasant taste.
Caldes de Boi waters are bottled after a filtration process that lasts approximately 80 years long. A process that takes place at the heart of nature, 3000 meters deep in the granite layers of the Aigües Tortes Natural Park, in the center of the Leridan Pyrenees and next to the Caldes de Boi Spa.
PET Bottle 1.5L
PET Bottle 5L
A weak mineralized water (low in dry residues), with a low content in calcium that helps prevent the formation of kidney stones and crystals. Not only that, but it’s high content in silica also helps to eliminate fat accumulation and residues to purify and detox your body.
Chemical composition (en mg/L)
Dry residue at 180°C 105 Calcium (Ca) 5.4
Bicarbonate (HCO3) 34.6 Magnesium (MG) 0.5
Sulphate (SO4) 13.2 Sodium (Na) 21.7
Chloride (CI) 14.4 Silica (SiO2) 22.0
Our History
    According to the area's tradition a sick ox went to drink from the fountain every day until it was cured. This is from where it takes its name, Font del Bou
  • 1657
    A Bath House already exist in wich four men live with their respective servants.
  • 1834
    Caldes de Boí is targeted by the Desamortización de Mendiazábal Law (sale of Church lands) and management is taken over by the Lérida County.
  • 1887
    It is declared a Medicinal Mine due to its curative properties and for being the richest mineral complex in the entire peninsula.
  • Años 20
    Newsletters from the Catalonian Excursionist Centre show early, totally amateur attempts to market the water.
  • Años 50
    A main road finally reaches Valle, although transport is still by mule.
  • 1961
    The A.M.C.B. Company is set up to bottle and market water from the Font del Bou spring. That same year the first warehouse is built for botting and marketing the water.
  • Años 80
    The factory is moved from the spa area to a site of 28.898 m2 and 500 metres from the spring.
  • S. XXI
    Caldes de Boí consolidates its loyal consumers who guarantee that this water is special, not just for its taste or properties, but also because of its origin.
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